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Mohaka River - Grade 3

The Grade 3 trip on the Mohaka River is a full day event. This trip allows you to get out into New Zealand’s backcountry to experience fun whitewater and amazing scenery.


Recommended for those 12 years and older.


The cost is $185 NZD


Trips last for about 7 to 8 hours


Minimum number of people per trip: 4

Mohaka River Grade 3 - The Whitewater Plunge

What to expect:

  • Shuttles to and from river in our vehicles
  • Swimming opportunities are available
  • Amazing scenery
  • About 4 hours on the water 
  • Allow a full day for your adventure (7 to 8 hours)
  • Please check our online booking system for start times

River Experience:

Your adventure starts with easy to navigate grade 2 rapids, and a number of short flat-water sections. For first time rafters, this is a great chance to get comfortable and familiar with paddling before challenging some of the larger rapids on the run. The progression from small to larger rapids is perfect for building confidence and practicing for the adventure ahead.

Getting into the wild of New Zealand has its benefits. Animal and bird sightings are common along the river. Rare Blue Ducks (Whio) have been spotted on this section of the Mohaka.

You need to bring:

  • Clothes to change into after trip
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • A light lunch
  • Any medication you might need
    (Please tell us about medical conditions that may arise during the trip)

We supply:

  • A helmet, life jacket, fleece, splash jacket, wetsuit and river shoes
  • Photos of your trip
  • Waterproof containers for your lunch and medication

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