White water rafting at its best

Our white water rafting trips are a fantastic day out regardless of your level of rafting experience. You can take a relaxing cruise on gentle currents, experience the high adrenaline thrills of the rapids, or do both. The magic of any trip down the Mohaka River comes from its diverse waters, beautiful scenery and many attractions along the way.

This scenic rafting trip takes you through gentle Grade 2 water with small rapids during this half day event. This trip is ideal for families who want a relaxing experience without the commitment of a full day trip

The Grade 3 trip on the Mohaka River is a full day event. This trip allows you to get out into New Zealand’s backcountry to experience fun whitewater and amazing scenery.

This is honestly one of New Zealand’s best whitewater runs. Technical rapids within amazing canyons – you need to be prepared to paddle strongly to make sure you keep the raft where it needs to be.

The upper Mohaka expeditions are our most popular. Discover beautiful native forest, clear water, and natural thermal hot springs surrounded by New Zealand’s unique geography. Unwind in a natural thermal bath.

Relax on the crystal clear waters of one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Enjoy a scenic helicopter ride into wild New Zealand where your Mohaka Rafting guide will lead you exclusively into the untamed gorges of the Ngaruroro river.

Raft on the crystal clear waters of one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Rafting guides will lead you into the untamed gorge of the lower Ngaruroro river. Drink cold water straight from a tumbling waterfall, between picturesque rapids inside an awesome continuous gorge surrounded by the Kaweka Forest Park.