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Welcome to New Zealand

Mohaka Rafting offers guests an unparalleled North Island day trip rafting experience. The stunning Mohaka River gorge has everything from scenic half-day grade 2 raft and kayak trips, to the best grade 4/5 rafting New Zealand has to offer.

If you’re interested in going for more than just one day, Mohaka Rafting does multi-days well. We enable our guests to experience the untouched New Zealand backcountry with the best guides, equipment and food.

Whatever your style of adventure we have something for you.

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Day Trips

    Multi-Day Expeditions

    • Upper Mohaka – Our Three Day Classic

      Helicopter in – rafting out. A two night, three day, Kaweka Forest Park excursion.
      Upper Ngaruroro Photo

      The upper Mohaka expeditions are our most popular. Discover beautiful native forest, clear water, and natural thermal hot springs surrounded by New Zealand’s unique geography. Unwind in a natural thermal bath. Raft, float, swim, fish, go for a tramp or sit back and relax down the river on this 3 day trip (we can customize trip length).

    • Upper Ngaruroro – A Week in the Wild

      Helicopter in – rafting out. A four night, five day, wilderness escape for your enjoyment.
      Upper Ngaruroro Photo
      Relax on the crystal clear waters of one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Enjoy a scenic helicopter ride into wild New Zealand where your Mohaka Rafting guide will lead you exclusively into the untamed gorges of the Ngaruroro river. Drink cold water straight from a tumbling waterfall, between picturesque rapids. See what most people never get to see. Experience the true face of wild New Zealand.

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